are in a better position to decide upon the exact nature of this dis-

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applied through the medium of electro- voltaic baths, electro-

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M. Sig. A tablespoonful in a tumbler of water before breakfast.

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Injections, intravenous or subcutaneous, of normal saline solution, have

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5. The best method of arriving at even a proximately

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veloped almost simultaneously on the opposite sides

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Dr. Seller depended upon the sense of touch rather than upon

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Essentials of the Diseases of the Ear.— By E. B. Gleason,

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in the great majority of cases, by drinking water becoming mixed

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has not been very amply swelled within the period it compre-

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The flap is then forced back by the insertion of blunt instruments

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six months. Exophthalmos has also been observed in experiments with

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fying powers, be seen to be composed of anastomosing and

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concurrence in general absorption, they are the agents, unques-

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nique of application, and respective merits of the various forms

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H. Earles, who concurred in my diagnosis. The patient

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above all others, has the power to effect the solution and disposition

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Finally, he draws the conclusions which are deducible from the

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In the treatment of distemper it must always be remembered

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osity. This fact was taken into consideration in designing an im-

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delle licerolid di E. Koch. Ann. di med. iiAV., Roma. 1899,

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hind and the angle in front, and from its shape is known