There are, indeed, on record, examples of recovery after the

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simply marked or slight crampy pains throughout the abdomen.

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apparent fact, that certain morbid processes in the human body have a

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abortion serum is B. typhi-murium of Loeffler, which was agglutinated

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has been reduced to thirteen per cent. Baginsky also

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blood-change in this disease is of a special character.

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Dr. Lane, of Wilmington, reports five fatal cases of poisoning by the in-

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Again we return our warmest thanks to the medical profession throughout

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The double monsters form collectively one class of organic

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The withdrawal symptoms are not so conspicuous as in the

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tion pad bearing the dentist’s or physician’s name and

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strated by Lubarsch, that the bactericidal powers of the

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ance with his instructor and his instructor's methods, in

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mately convinced, as we are of the existence of autumnal fever itself.

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