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The next subject noticed by our author is the Age at which Menstruation
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severe ; but toward the end of the paroxysm the swelling subsides, the
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perfect identity of history throughout, whether it be based on bronchial
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by the great influence which local treatment exerts in modifying
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place, Trafalgar-square. The report of the Council and
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most persistently and constantly noted in the nervous system,
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lowed by any remarkable contraction of the canal. The resulting trau-
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complex kind, or when the complications are locally severe, it is
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working backwards from these " end " conditions. Without belittling
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has been troublesome to manage, as it has been difficoii
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impeding progress; (2) consider possible resolutions to such problems;
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ventricle, there were extensive parietal fibrin exudations, already losing
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either to write a text-book, it would be one-sided. The book is not so systemic
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effects, and remaining innocuous indefinitely. A little insufficiency of the
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initil my return, hot fomentations, and one-sixth of a grain
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be kept. Indeed, in all these places of temporary exile, the inva-
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of fibrin.^' Restricted afflux of chyle must, moreover, prejudice nutri-
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the thirst is most distressing. An obstinate hiccough may be present.
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anus. A probe passed through the anal orifice to the extent
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kind which is visiting us serves the vaccinated and unvaccinated
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Dear Dr. : — In your " editorial," Sept. 14, 1878, you
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by a counter-irritant over the stomach, as a small blister, or rubbing the
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as a means of improving the health of mother and child.
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