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Symptoms. — In attempting a delineation of so cameleon-like a

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concerning the value of the operation for carcinoma of the

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that it no longer readily adapts itself to surrounding conditions. The

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and tell you that it does not work. They do not apply the

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plished in this direction by holding the annual meetings

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This mysterious life stuff apparently provides the bridge which

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The figures indicate that in one-fourth of the fatal cases the head-

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cases of hypertension showed a fall in blood pressure

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service. Dr. Baker was chief of staff for the Arkansas

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that it was some sort of vasomotor disturbance. A second case, a woman,

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E. 0. Shakespeare, U.S.V., and Dr. V. C. Vaughan to study

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tablishment of a new journal, the Zeitschrift fur Physiologische

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— Dr. Thorowgool) read a paper on this subject, in which

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the patient A large vessel containing a strong solution

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right ventricle of the heart, large enough to admit the extremity

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that most terrible of all things, acute cardiac dyspncea.

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Mr. William Adams, by reproducing as a volume the essay

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albumen ; and what have they discovered ? Simply this : that sub-

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extremity of the stomach was removed. There were two methods of