The right side of the heart is always greatly dilated in acute
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occur at any age, while typhoid fever rarely, if ever, attacks
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Heiid. — A curious wound was rcceiv«3 by a soldier at the battle
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Night-Uindncss is a peculiar functional condition, iu wliich
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upon the malar bone were cauterized with nitric acid. The orbit was cleaned
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ment of rational treatment. There is no apparent reason why this
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cases of simple maculae, apart from other complications, the author has obtained
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amputation for severe infection, viz., the direct temporary anastomosis of the
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criminated the midwife. The coroner listened to the
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of which are degenerating, occur there. Elsewhere it is exceptional to find
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of electrization of the stomach, as described above in full, and which
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Critchett considered that the subject was a national one, as he had just come
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iu either the English or French languages, and with
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dominal pain that may follow some abrupt or severe exertion. Early vomiting
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There is generally a moderate rise of temperature in the early stage, but at a
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the usual benign course toward healing. The second day, except some
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swer after a negative exploration. I have removed stones from the
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toms, resulted. The patient then consulted Dr. A. Jacobi, who
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defining the true nature of the displacement. Dislocation of the head of
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Guinea Pigs Inoculated ivith Blond from 23 Cases of Seven Day Fever.
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only supply we could obtain was a small lot of the man-
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to worry about sterilizing milk, since Nestle's Food is
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Van Poole, C. M., Salisbury (Hon.), P. and S., Bait., 1880 1880 1880
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:vidcnc, h °7T$, , M ° tlico - k 8nl Treatise on ■ Malpractice and Medical
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tem is sensible, as we have for sajing that vinegar is sour.
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chorea are complicated by perversion of mental processes more or le^s