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267. The hospital laundry comprises: First, the linen, clothing,
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to complex craniomaxillofacial disharmonies. Plast Reconstr Surg, in press
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it may be difficult to determine. It is possible that this may
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the existence of numerous cercomonades intestinales in the mucous
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The pulmonary affections which are so frequently the causes of death
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practice of continental obstetric hospitals. Do the surgeon or his attendants
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Mr. J. S. Mill said he had ventured on a former clause to
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ment of function depends partly upon actual destruction of
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Dear Sir, — The address from which the following extracts are taken
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toms, I have but slight personal acquaintance. A period
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iodine for scrofula and syphilis in the crude form of the tincture
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ment. In twelve hours the woman broke out in a pro-
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edges, rather than in large blocks. By observing this, the danger of inflicting
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artery, and is liable, also, to cut through the tissues; a coarse cord,
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