ing an easy introduction of the needles into the tumour.

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health." Another matter of prime importance is the influence upon the

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graduate course write to the American College of Gastroenterology, Department

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fairly advanced and the organ decreased in size. Perhaps the

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of hardness of any breast tumor, of course, depends upon its patho-

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occurrence in which symptoms arising from difficult, or, as

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Method for Determining the Number of Bacteria in Water. — Collec-

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in function (internal rectus on one side and external rectus on the other

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of serious complications. The urethral walls must be kept

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wd marked, when the latter group of S3rmptoms coexists with those

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in length from the top of the head to the heel, and which, when com-

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from decomposing animal and vegetable matters, bad drains, etc., are not

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stitutional defects and peculiarities. Certain com-

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possible, and that, when we must employ it, it will be advisable

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in different sections of the count^v^ No was the least consideration,

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contrary it was often performed for all kinds of acute

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which more or less severe neuralgias precede and accom-

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Sir, — Your correspondent, in No. 12 of Vol. XIX., attempts to show

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soundness. In a case which came before the Lords J ustices Bruce and Turner

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than decidual. Sanger in his subsequent writings on the matter

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be bruised first with austere wine, afterwards, when they become dry, they are

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Prophylaxis.— In the present state of our knowledge the only

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by virtue of the fact that pulmonary lesions (pneumonia) occur, which

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if any case of intraocular tuberculosis is ever a primary disease.

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widow of the lato Dr. Hell, wlio anted a.s Medieal missionary in China,

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incision healed nicely, and at a 3 month post-op visit all was

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peutic Association, giving a very exhaustive resume of his

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malignant stricture, in certain of which the introduction of the sound would

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