lobe had been removed by Dr. Hallen, of Linkoping, a year after Dr. Peter-
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only German, would grow up with no English character-
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To encourage the formation of " clubs," the following liberal inducements are
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cago Post-Graduate Medical School. Volume 11. General Surgery, edited
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ureter and not in the kidney, and saved an incision into the kid-
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by reflex action, and by diminishing the general blood-pressure. Sa-
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Case XIX. — August 16, 1899, Mrs. R., of Lorain, O., aged 59,
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days ; 226 enemata altogether were given, and the result of each ene-
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uttered some exclamation as if surprised, and lier consciousness was lost for
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minstrelsy. After many vicissitudes, which time forbids
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exactly corresponds with the average of the last ten — but
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Above aU, surgical operations on neurotics, and particularly on
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occasionally takes place, and it would perhaps be seen
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globin, and of counting and staining its cellular ele-
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as comparatively free from malarial disease, have been proved to be badly
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solution remains clear as long as the temperature can be borne by the
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measures less well than others ; and that hence such treatment is admis-
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aiid bleeds for a few moments, but it is of no importance,
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We have read with much satisfaction a chapter entitled
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of the head and face, the patient being comatose in the inter-
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tube. In the trachea above, there may be recognized the vertical slit of the
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relaxed, sometimes constipated, and now" and then blackish, tar-like,
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other cases the disease relapses after it appeared to be doing well, and
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there was a slight rise, but all variations were within the narrow limits
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is lime, it will be necessary simply to have recourse to the means indi-
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articular structures (synovial membranes, bursae, periosteum, and tendons
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tension has been employed. After this method has been