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tritis, nausea, nervous indigestion, or gastric and duodenal ulcer.

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testines, was very strongly supported by the analogical evidence

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addressed the public on the subject, some had suggested more

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at a level convenient for union with the divided facial

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which he consi<lered should be placed amongst the cancers, but

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growth was found, after death, to be the size of two

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rhage or tumor, or to syringomyelia. Duchenne first described it

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the horns of a trilemraa of his own creation : The thing is tliis :

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congenital scoliosis in 52 (11%), congenital kyphosis in

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control now and then under the microscope; wash in several xylols and mount in xylol-

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We might conceive of a volatile cause of typhoid fever

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surface was covered with recent lymph. A small mass of rather

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tion, 2.81 per cent. Throughout India, during the same year, 6,980,-

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