of Dr. Elliot ; and I thought it was either interstitial
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rabbits, and can Confirm his descriptions. It is the inferences he draws
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tions ;" where he more minutely describes precisely similar phe-
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that it would be quite impracticable to attempt to rehearse it all.
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cided to stop German emigration by their vessels, and
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improve, and some days later it was cureted. Examination of
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to be correct, there is nothing in the position of the parietal
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that there are considerable barriers to its escape. These barriers
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irritable and easily provoked, still obeys the voice of h\&
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often relieved in cases of subtentorial, than in cases of supratentorial
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teristic ; his roseola escaped observation, but a classi-
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vaginal walls are contracted, and the broad and round ligaments are restored
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the various grades of sexual exhaustion or impotence, and other signs of
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nally hydrochloric acid in gruel; after this, too, the patient vomited
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ment), trauma, an infectious disease, or an inflammatory or neoplastic altera-
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of the sternomastoid (st) ; the external jugular vein (jj must not be
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Blood cultures were negative for B. influenzae in all the cases examined;
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the effects of one or two doses of the ipecacuanha, given in this manner,
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unction till salivation was produced, and remained in a darkened
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cases where these symptoms are unusually severe, something more
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tories to make this test serviceable by eliminating preventable
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Fig. 6.— Patient twenty-three years of age. Amputation at the age of eight years
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being usually described as not accompanied by swim-
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it is remembered that the facial nerve traverses the aqueduct of
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and remained " dead." Very shortly after the accident the metacarpal bone
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minutes, being made with the same solution as before.
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6. Mostofi, F. K., and Engleman, E. : Fatal relapsing
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a, Ventral View; b, Side View. j|. jj^g three longitudinal
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in length. It should be fine, but not over-tempered. The bevel of