the state of the lungs was wanting. The necessity of these facts being known is

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are not the products of inflammation in the sense defined." Few,

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phy and Atrophy of the Brain. Myelitis. Structural Lesions within the Spinal

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that in contagious fever, the last mentioned state of the cerebral

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nomy declines, is deteriorated, and finally terminates. The inter-

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short, frequent, but does not increase the pain ; the sputa is saffron col-

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Rousseau, in his " Confessions," well expresses this condition in this manner :

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fever sufferers start for an exempt region before their at-

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that water is not absorbed in the stomach, so that its propulsion into

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of these factors will satisfactorily account for that form of dropsy

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central cause. They were liable to occur at any time, he

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is to be studiously avoided in all cases. Antikamnia is a reliable

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much larger than the point of a pin; these can best be seen by

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to do so evidence of much pain is exhibited. The affected

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The Medical Student's Manual of Chemistry. By R. A. Witthaus, A.M., M.D.,

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asserts that he never observed it. The investigations of Bignami,

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At the conclusion of my former lecture, I pointed out that the

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often by rigors; uneasiness or dull pain in the loins; nausea and

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On boiling, the urine became solid with what appeared to be albumin :

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p. 63), whose experiments indicate the possibility of pulmonary infec-

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The pathology of general paresis has little to do with

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of nervous temperament, but not an extreme e.vample