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Freusberg's results obtain support from an observation by Sir "William
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an infectious virus upon a healthy organism. It dis-
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South African Medical Corps, published in the 5th Supplement to the London Gazette of
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regard to the time to operate he could not agree with
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within 4 weeks. In several cases, in which the injections were into
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memory is depended upon when definite records are needed for
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stimulant, nerve-tonic and diuretic. Dr. Benedict classed
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fourteen to sixteen tons upon the whole surface of the hu-
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have said and what Dr. Allen has just explained. Rapid death
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ments of the single tubule, derangements that vary from cloudy swelling
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genism, oligo- or amenorrhea, infertility, an elevated
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postponing the operation, namely, shock attending the
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H. mansoni Samhon and Seligmann, 1907 (Fig. 190). In
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admission, but in nearly all it was associated with streptococci, staphylo-
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year by Lee's figures, we find the number to be 77. Now we find
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" 1. The operation.— Tlsice the patient on a bed as for extraction of cataract, -
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"Wine, Blackberry. — Gather the fruit when ripe, on a
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prevent the development of articular lesions and thus save the knee-joint, pro-
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for the establishment of a standing medical consultative council,
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Bernhard, Louis A., 1672 South Ninth St., Milwaukee 53202
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3. The retention occurs chiefly in the tissues, for no dilution of the
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tation of a favorable turn. Previous to the critical change, the intensity of
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bate to a habit which in most cases has had nothing to
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biceps is free from the bone, and the biceps itself is
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some trouble with the electric lights; it was questionable whether we
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might be fined, as the reverend principal hastily concluded with