fifteen minutes), there followed a rapidly increasing
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of the village, that the necessary reforms may be made.
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leave the control for the most part in the hands of professional men. These
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sions are especially common on the extensor surfaces of the bodj', and
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it circulates ; and some regard these sounds as due
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.Myelitis, acute case of, 428 ; chronic cases of, 482
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hernia which presents some interesting features. The patient
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them. They are firm and resistant like hardened wax, but when cut
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ence of any special thickening — and, when such thicken-
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node (pacemaker) at the junction of the superior vena cava and
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their investigations, there may have been some grounds
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bolism. Here is shown the analogy which exists between Sylvian embolism and
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22. Edsall and Miller : Univ. Pennsylvania Med. Bull., 1903, xvi, 143.
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In vertical meningitis, inflammatory conditions of the viscera and
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us to infer that a high temperature in a pregnant woman.
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three I saw in consultation, nine altogether, were all primaparce, and in
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tinguishing this from other diseases ; yet probably
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affection of the liver happens first, in the order of time ; that the
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disorder of nutrition — whereof diabetes is the earlier
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otherwise there was nothing to be seen. There was no
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senega, squill, balsams, terebinthinates, sulphur, sulphur
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head had been followed by the majority of obstetricians for a con-
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pital. None of these cases can in any way be traced
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for its powers as a remedy in this disease. An ounce
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wrong to apply the term leucodermia, as I do not think there is any