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tainty, various acute or chronic infectious diseases which are said to cause
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lustration of how this Society, through its Founda-
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The Treatment of the Fever of Phthisis.— Dr. Savigny
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disease ; but from the few examples I have cited in
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isms die. Their protoplasmic structure at this time indicates that the
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as to cause rapid absorption of the water and fats,
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rapidly, and even a child will present genitals of the adult type.
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that may be in thrombus form. Cells of uncertain nature, perhaps
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and that the actual cautery will have a better success,
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that of a flat red papule. This, which is at first very small, soon increases
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stitutions of the city, and was proud of its magnificent
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little larger size than the first edition. The principal
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tic cousins will leave nothing undone to make the next
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itself. Some authors have defined an aneurism simply
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nosis until the classical symptoms of vomitus of coffee ground material,
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It seems, indeed, a mistake to endeavour to force all cases into one
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condition is present from birth, and is not known to pass away spontane-
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independent, ascribable — like the muscular degeneration — to the inffuence
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the bodily weight. 3. In arthritis affecting the lower
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Donovan, and Hart, likewise wrote original medical articles ;
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have effected the deportation of 103,098 tons of matter which,
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446-451. — Angelucci (A.) Appunti sulle operazioni di
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child, had been sent into the Children's Hospital by Dr Ritchie,
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they believe that the general trend is toward the right,
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erated. The sensory part of the fifth pair was also similarly affected.
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Conclusions, — 1. Ascites is present in about forty per cent of cases of ova-
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tic indices, dose-response ranges, and dosing frequency. It
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of them a particularly dangerous and crippling form of injury.
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only a little way on either side of it. This sound bears a