the occurrence of a pneumococcal urethritis as described by Blake, an

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practitioners. I have full room for astonishment at their having exci-

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Although the results were the same in the other case, in

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shown that sugar taken into the stomach, in its passage through the

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and rarefaction of the glia around the bloodvessels, or the

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her, hyoscin gr. ^^^ was given with instant effect, producing

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which is a disease of long duration, characterized by febrile

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humanity and enfeeble the State. The individual physician,

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Affections of the Heart." The paper showed that the mere

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By W. H. CouPLAND, L.E.C.P. (Edin.), Assistant Medical Officer,

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the patient was in the bath, so that he was obliged to abandon its use.

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Andral has shown that in the diminution of the fibrin, relatively to the Globules, we

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an extensive one not above once, in many hundred cases."

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see Fig. 25) and without pulling on the artery; the

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extremely delicate child, and consequently her recuperative

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birth of an heir. 1.5. That in criminal assault the points

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drug as an emetic could be made to act by merely holding the

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among physicians. With regard to the slighter indis]<osi-

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aphonia. Sometimes the bulbar paralysis is accompanied by paralysis of

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(1 to 128 of water), carbolic acid (2.5 per cent.) in water, or creosote,

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In cases of phthisis, the value of a supporting and

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and the percentage of deaths in the first, second, and third quarters of the

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(.65 gram, 10 grain, or even .39 gram, 6 grain) doses of