Botanjr and Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Nervous System in the

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and economic dangers traceable to distilled liquors.

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ized fetuses, many of whom were severely anemic before an

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time, the children took, as an alterative, the hydrargyrum cum creta. la

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The temperature was normal for twenty-four hours on October 11. The

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in the course of which two slight attacks of pain were experienced; after this the patient*s

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success to his energetic efforts to sustain the strength of his patients dur-

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The procedure is said to cut short the spasm almost instantly,

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matter of Rolando, and, in part, the posterior pyramid and restiform body.

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I doubt if on the whole they will prove satisfactory.

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transparent colour of the sclerotics, and the entire absence of any

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accipitrinus (Pall.). — Tinnunculus tinnunculus (L.). — Acci-

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them to the basal ganglia, thence through the complicated

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Senn, and Cholot. The author considers this method superior to all others

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areas of pus from which Streptococcus viridans in pure culture was

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direct stimulation of the heart and arterioles. It produces its

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student at the bedside. Dr. Sturges truly remarks that " the explicit

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with the cranial bones hanging loosely in the interior.

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Dr. Ahamed. Dr. Wetstone, Dr. Deren, Officers and Members of the Connecticut State Medical Society: