for bacteriologic work at a small cost was very well illus-
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of the tumor, with partial calcification, was obtained, according
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expectoration. The [)ain soon disappeared, but the want of breath obliged
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hypostatic congestion of the lungs, nephritis, and parotid
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scab on the skin, where the disease is hardly more than
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Surgs: An Rpts, 1944, Fitzsimons, Halloran, O'Reilly,
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at any time without aggravating the existing condition. It is infinitely
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time. In order to distinguish a chancre from the chancroid it is vari-
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attacks of acute mania or of lypemania ; others suffer from cerebral troubles
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and, being granular in appearance, have been regarded as fat.
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found that the sagittal suture was broken, and that a portion
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ing to catch and stop a round shot, which was apparently spent, and was rolling
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such doses at twelve to twenty-four-hour intervals. The tem-
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sion of experts for a sufficient time to enable them to
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it was evident that the myxomatous element strongly predominated,
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repetition of these bleedings, so weak and relaxed in their structure,
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faction. We have now to see how the osteitis results in perforation of the
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closed for two weeks. In February, 1901, the sinus sponta-
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a proportionate diminution in the vesical capacity. The mucosa may become
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about four hours. This pain followed on an attack of vomiting.
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pigment only when oxygen is excluded. The best known example of
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among classmates, friends in other states, could well
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4. Fifteen per cent gelatin in distilled water. As a stock medium,
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Gibney in 13 deaths found 6 from myelitis, 2 from tuberculosis, and
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suspended, the arsenical solution seemed to haye assisted in the establish-
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58 The Royal Medico-Chirurgical Society of Glasgow I
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out a certain number of misfortunes. — Glasgow Med. Journ., February, 1884.