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with resulting perturbation of sensation. Occasionally

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toxins into the nutritional fluids of the body. E. F.

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might well adopt, or accept, the resolution which the gentleman has

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treatment six weeks after the injury, and it was continued for sixteen days.

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The same considerations apply to the cytological study of joint

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graphs. If he is unprovided with these facilities, he may utilize

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the cultures were made from children of three to four

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three parts of the United Kingdom ; and in order to meet the objection to

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duration of the first febrile stage is very variable, lasting from six'

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genous zone is proportional to the exaggeration of the other

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of § 1 apply in so far as the [separate] federated governments do not

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quantities of cow's milk and various kinds of animal food, such

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or apartments with stairs, narrow doorways, small bath-

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tion ; sterilized by removal of half of each tube and uniting uterine ends. Six months after :

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of normal frequency was fixed by the orator at 90 in the

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resky." If compelled to remain for hours in a low temperature,

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ment of clinical programs, and supervision of university-affili-

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In this chapter the interesting observations of MM. Chanveau and

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cents a drop, the remainder being for his services.

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form gauze as a vaginal tampon in cases of hemorrhage, preferring to use

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and tenderness, although the latter symptom, I think, is the

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