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Bartlett. The latter, a graduate of the Harvard Medical School, had been in
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of dysentery in South Africa. Manson states that swelling of the joints
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bronchopneumonia, convulsions, or laryngismus stridulus.
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Dr. Murphy: In middle ear infiammation, if optic neuritis is found, the
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A Clinical Summary of the Literature on the Inoculability
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principle which gave the pediatrician the opportunity to direct
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that for the first time in four years, we have, on the day before the annual
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three programs making application to the Residency Re-
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The condition of the blood is worthy of note, there being marked
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1. Are there an}- unusual conditions of blood pressure
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*Re{ul before the Tri-State Medical Society, at Jacksonville, 111., Oct. 2, 1894.
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chlorated, bromated, etc., antipyrines. In the second
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Philadelphia Conservatory of Music, Temple University
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are to-day German physicians, French physicians, English
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The thyroid preparations are extremely useful in arteriosclerosis. George
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gout; and, notwiihstanding the opposition of regular practition-
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spiration is then short, hurried, impeded; a sense of sufibcation
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Rubefacient. See Ammonia — Cajuput-oil — Camphor
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When older material only is available it may be difficult to arrive
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F.R.Si, though it cannot be denied that the honour has been