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pain was referred to the neck region. All but two of this group

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carriers of the anthrax germs to others. Other ways

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therefore, transferred to the surgical side of the hospital and placed under the care of Dr.

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Dr. Reynolds treats only of simple and idiopathic ei)ilepsy. He

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2 cc. of this solution for Van Slyke determination gave 1.02 cc. of N at T = 23°,

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cases; they were fatal because they were beyond the limits of help. This

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if not disturbed before they are hatched. But the unhatched ova are a

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This product may be conveniently distinguished as gray tubercle. It is

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purgatives, anodynes, and rest in bed. Similar attacks

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Diagnosis between brain abscess due to ear disease and certain

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to A. Schmidt, preserved nuclei, provided the pancreatic function is entirely wanting.

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thick whitish or brownish creamy fur, through which the congested fungi-

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1 . Houston AN, Roy WA, Faust RA, et al: Tetanus prophylaxis in the treatment

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J. MILTON SANDERS, M. D., Prof, of Chemistry, Pharmacy and Toxicology.

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dependent upon some mysterious atmospheric or telluric influence, capable

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