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Institution — which to the disgrace of the late Legislature, was

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work, and it is second to none I have seen. He uses catgut almost

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sloughed away. This consists of a fibrillar connective tissue which is markedly wav-}'.

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of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Fellow of the College of Physicians, etc.

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this kind (which has been reported by Dr. HUel^ my assistant at the

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Acute Respiratory Infections at the Boston City Hospital.

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gel minus the concentration of the free ions in the outside solution.

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the artery; that is, to that part lying in contact with the

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In conjunction with diet, alcoholic stimulants are highly useful. A few

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Fever hosjntals and asylums. — The Metropolitan Fever Hospitals, Fee, £3, 3s.,

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extensive adhesions to the parietes at the fore and lower part of the abdomen,

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The rasping away of the mucosa of the fronto-nasal canal is too often followed

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certain, and it is this : that thickening of the blood is

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portion between the head and the pelvis, why not apply the forceps early,