ers. Dr. Strutbers had been at Aberdeen .since 18(53, but had

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which time violent spasms and maniacal ravings were almost constant;

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Dr. Sidney Ringer, vacillates irregularly between 102° and 110° Fahr.

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500. It extended to many towns in New England and westward along

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kill a guinea-pig. In this case, too, as in diphtheria, the bacillus is confined

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much prostration and extreme muscular debility at an early stage

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very feebly, as if in the last agonies of death. I immediately ex-

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tion of the nervous cords in insects and other invertebrata has not a little confounded the

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these factors the occurrence or non-occurrence of uric

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The joint Report of the Executive and Finance Committees on the best

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hospital. This is almost universally the practice. Dr. Pepper says, of twenty

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(Russian " miriatchit " = " playing the fool "). The subjects of this malady

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body in court knew that it would not be carried out. Such a state of the

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knowledge on this subject. Speaking, as he does, from personal ex-

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reached and the condition requires operation, no time must be lost, but

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example and teaching to follow him through the most

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speak of the relative advantages of the unipolar and bijjohir

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large protuberant masses on the surface of the tumour.

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tionary, parts iii. to vii.— Scarborough Express— The Clinic— The

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forth spontaneously. They are exceedingly difficult to get rid of, so

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caused it to gravitate towards the right side." (Third edition, p.

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St. G-eorge's, Hanover-square, reported last week two cases of

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part having first been made insensible by a few drops of chloride of

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Switzerland, on September ist to 4th, 1884. Dr. Alb.

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paid the State man; thousands of pounds for their privilogs,

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unnecessary amounts of ether were often used. In careful