been effected in the exuded materials, the next and final step
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large loss of substance, a transverse defect in the vagino-
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cess is, however, necessary in these indirect analyses, in order to
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This city has just passed through one of the periodic epidemics of
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appointment to parents as to patient, who proves, as usual, that
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ovaries are sacrificed. Progressive increase of existing symptoms is an
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d6p6ts, perhaps in the lymph-glands. This period, much longer than in
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or probang. Saturated solution of tannin is also used for it. If
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fairly transverse ones, at the junctions of the middle with the upper and
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a medical gentleman of this city wiio diagnosticated
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angitis with formation of ulcers on the head, throat, etc. The
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fifteen years previously by the Prior, who had lost them by default,
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short dry cough. On the date above indicated, all the
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242-250. — Morris (R. T.) Distension of fistulous pipes
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end, and marked by annular ridges. The pupal stage lasts two to
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ache or dizziness, has anorexia and other dyspeptic symptoms. Possibly
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If an animal is cut in the foot with barbed wire, glass, or any
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pleurisy it insures the immobility of the chest; in sciatica
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The freer-flowing thin liver bile produced is a valuable aid in maintaining
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compressor urethras muscles in communicating an expulsive
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contact is required to communicate the disease. An attack does not
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or altogether suppressed ; effusions into the serous cavities or severe bronchitis
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the neutrophiles also gain their former level and may. even be in-
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difficulty admitted the tips of two fingers, and the valvules
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showed three points of ulceration. There was no glan-
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days at a time, but about once every twelve hours it is
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wait; a secondary operation under perfect conditions
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