serological test. Thus, a double -f- was once reported when the
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The International Congress on Tuberculosis at Berlin.— The
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tendency toward ectopic beat formation such as noted in eyeball pres-
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relatively rapid increase in height of 25 cm. in 13 years. A
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passed through a course of instruction." This recommendation is very
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of the Congress of German Physicians (Vienna), that fa-
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ment, congestive apoplexy may be entirely recovered from, So
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a piece of each iris at the upper part. This was accordingly
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one would be in full progress in an hour or an hour and a half. He
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as doctors, are not treating patients physiologically when we do that.
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means of the parents permit it, for a change of residence
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acetous tincture to eight ounces ; and I have constantly found
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its shape, and may appear quite round. In its interior we find a
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mind was not affected, but he suffered so much that he became apathetic, and
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analgesia and thermoanesthesia to the level of the eighth
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in a case of liydra-mia fnun fixvjuent uterine haemorrhage.
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upon a miliary tuberculosis of the affected joints. Future investiga-
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disturbance of function, we may readily imderstand that small haemor
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during this service of Dr. L. In the majority of the cases, the disease
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was succeeded by great heat of the skin, pain in the
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I and had never had a child. In spite of this evidence, the jury returned a
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The practitioner should bear in mind that the persistence of an endo-
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ance, his weakness and superstition, his crude notions and er-
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infection. The people of the Faroe Islands had been free from it for a
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hitherto been healthy, got a swelling in the ball of the right foot,
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