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done to consolidate the major gains in diagnosis and therapy that have been

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M. Soc., Grand Rapids, 1896, xx, L'51-27.'(, 8 diag. [Discus-

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seeking ailmission into the Corps, could receive such special instruc-

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stroyed by the impairment of the respiratory muscles from the presence

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of the disease. Rutz contends that there are living and active pneumo-

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to cause skeletal abnormalities In the perinatal/ postnatal

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aggravating the condition ; and (4) that osseous changes in the

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(b) Distribution of the Lesions. This is very variable, and every com-

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the membranes of the brain. The subject of the case Avas a boy,

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lar surfaces are atrophied and eroded, the ligaments thinned and

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after a few years they prove infected ; and that the roofs should be pre-

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V ntly be found, either in the water or in the sediment. We have de-

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omy is quite simple with a full set of appropriate instruments at hand, but

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miles from shore, and before any intercourse had taken

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Adaptability of Position to Body Weight. Flexion and

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mark that the term "diffuse septic peritonitis" prob-

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since the onset of her present illness. She had one copious pulmonary hemor-

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but the pharyngeal, palatal, faucial, and laryngeal reflexes are lost, owing to

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try. It is this training, forced upon him by circum-

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Douglas' pouch, and extended some way above the brim of

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This motion was seconded by Mr. Porter, Vice-President of

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cases, and for the sake of calling attention to the

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It follows that the freezing point of a solution furnishes an index

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tery. The result of the autopsy showed conclusively

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of instances these symptoms have been nearly unequivocal.

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Pockets of typical marrow tissue can be seen on the outside of the

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on the theory of inhalation as the [)rinci[)al mode of ori<(in of

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gelatine dry plate. By disregarding it and its application he