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into the practice of his profession. When the Civil War broke
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skilled physicians who are competent to conduct any investigation
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and a volatile oil, both of which act as antiseptics.
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"If we have heen unfortunate," he says,- "we are not despondent ; but
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WHO IS S.D.MED.PAC? - SDSMA. SDSMA Alliance, and district medical society members are all
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tion or enduring present discomfort for the sake of future good, is one of
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When you find one renal calculus there are usually others
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Similar care is requisite for Yallisneria, but the warmest and
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indeed, of the mis-interpretation of his views, that his enthusiastic
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Predisposing Cause. — A state w^hich renders the body suscep-
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Destruction of soft parte of thigh with suppuration; patient waa ex-
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45. De Gen. An., V. 1. (778 a.) and the notes of the
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547-558, 1 diag. Also: Sanitarian, N. Y., 1884, xii, 2()-38.
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prescribes alkalies, and when it is very alkaline, mineral
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when the plethora was great and the blood pressure high is a new
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Pulsating Empyema. — A left-sided purulent effusion may
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as far as he could. The measure also showed the necessity for
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only one year, while we find that 345 towns purchased for two
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of scarring that is left at the site of disease. Several instances of
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of feeding. Clinical evidence is certainly in favour of fee i-
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bed in a quiet, airy room. Nourishment, in the form of milk,
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No spots on tongue. Spleen not palpable. Hemoglobin, 85 per
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