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June 4, right buttock ; June 8, left leg, right hip, right arm

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sound made it certain that a large stone was in the bladder.

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spermatic vessels. These knotted veins in the scrotum feel like

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give some relief. Dover's powders, codeine, and morphine were

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of them, and manifest the filthy state of their camps and quarters. Even in the reign

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depletion, general and local; mercurials and opium have been freely

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pages include the best compendium of the physiologic

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lian eg:g. This discover}', which showed that even viviparous

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were more liable to cervix lacerations. But stenosis of

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I simply mention the case in connection with the one reported by

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The first has lately been done at Cambridge to a consider-

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sion anterior to the articular process. Tiiis bends the

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Causes. — From the mare being fed on very dry food, and

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results, if the disease is taken early. When the danger of

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albumen, etc., vary, anil so with respect to the ccdema, the efftision into

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which progress in pathological knowledge has placed nosologically else-

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stances, it is nearly always, and of necessity, fatal.

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injected, and were covered with bloody mucus. The remaining

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tures are grave, on the ground that they may be ac-

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cervix uteri must be fairly dilated. 3. The bladder should be

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the gland, and of the entire circulation of l3anph in the lower

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"When a person is found dead and his body is suspended, it may be a question

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with the residual Irish in Ireland. Dr. Newsholme has told us that

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highly suggestive and important. Fortunately, such proofs were not