I syringed a little warm water into the bladder to rinse it out three

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the Medical College of Georgia, formally proposed the holding of a eon*

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curantiir,' the opposite rule also holds good in some

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a patient whose uterus had to be explored five days after labour for some

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larged byjS. Arloing. Second English Edition, translated

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between the cilia of the epithelium lining the trachea and bronchi. It

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been present; and it is to this want of attention to the state of

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a small quantity of isinglass or common gelatine to the dilated okilk in the pro-

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^be impulse of the heart is very feeble, and is often quite impercep-

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unless the spinal marrow be involved in the disease.

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arising, the older ones, at times, partly disappear-

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never entirely displace other modes of treatment. He contends

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as the male-fern oil is sufficient in most cases both to

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spine to aid in overcoming this obstruction. If the spine has

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are not the products of inflammation in the sense defined." Few,

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October 22, 1891, having been referred by Dr. Munn. Patient

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appearance of debility, he says — " If we cannot, however, procure

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with iodoform gauze. Condition of patient during and

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jaundiced. The animal was rapidly weakening and was killed for examination

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degree on the manner in which the infant breathes. This fact has

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cavity. The uterus presenting, it was incised to corres-

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to Ludwig's view, the balance between the different constituents of the blood

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however, not be forgotten, and indeed follows logically from what

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