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Haviland's theories, and states, as controverting the geological
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ants, and proving fatal to very many of them. You will find, in
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the duodenum being compressed in order to prevent the
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ments amounted to such large sums that the law was repealed for
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Dr. Jenks then read a paper on Viburnum Prunifolium, with special refer-
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and too leggy. Observator, his annual remarks. Sir Charles
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peritonitis. The diagnosis of pneumonia is determined by special
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culture and Landscape Gardening for Women, says that
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its original introduction. The same prolonged and intense heating that
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struction of poisonous and noxious substances that develop
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prove the psychic element, and are demonstrating conclu-
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to the taste, and free from germ life. In cities the soil
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Atkinson, on "Common Sense applied to the Tariff Question ;"
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and the views of a very large majority of the eminent in-
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theless, I am in accord with the majority of observers and authors
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this condition. Cases of apoplexy were reported by Andral, Abercrombie,
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performed under careful antisepsis, though the cus-
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times convulsions, set in ; the pulse is frequent and
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he became so excited and terrified that the tube had to be replaced.
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2. Those due to disturbance of the nerve centres in the
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her role in life, and that was more than surgery could do.