Eliza B. Cahill, M.D., Chairman; G. A. Stijfa, M.D., Secre-

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axis cylinder was unaffected. In other fibres the degenerated myelin globules were

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Rousseau, in his " Confessions," well expresses this condition in this manner :

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from the other by the appearance of the expectorated

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the work of Bull, Teague, Buxton and others, and our own experi-

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ment of the connective-tissue corpuscles, the smaller the

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the people in this field could get their kicks in some other way

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complications arise the worse is the prognosis; peri-

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Rock" 1 mailer, and will be found a great convenience in sending out advertising

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work, loss of sleep or insufficient rest, improper food, and other con-

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their superficial position, metastatic in&rctions scarcely ever occasion

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cocaine habits are alarmingly on the increase. I have made inquiries

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duciDg the finger into the rectum, we find it bulged forward The os

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round, and smooth, and its parietes consisting apparently of endo and pericardium, with small de-

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are the groin glands, less frequently those of the axillae, while even

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course of three weeks) a thorough curettage. The patient

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rises as the inflammation advances. The increase may

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1876.] Recent Progress in Genito-Urinary Surgery. 641

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was formerly looked upon as produced mechanically by the pressure of

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occupation, education, religion, domestic relations, use

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31. Supplies of fresh water should be obtained only from reliable

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phthisis puhnonalis, in four cases; si/phifis, or what seemed most probably

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with a degree of perfection that, to the patient, is a

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all good shots, and afraid of nothing. If they would

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vicinity. In the former case the first indication is usually jaundice,

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John C. Dalton, Jr., M. D., Prof, of Physiology and Micro-

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or catheter should be passed down to the elastic catheter previously