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insanity, of much homicide and other crimes, of senility, of a
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Yale University on Dr. Horatio C. Wood, of Philadelphia.
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blood pressure was noted in fourteen ; in the remainder the difference
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cision. If the patient means to sit or to stand still, she (for chorea is more
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tion in 1847 at Philadelphia, the number of medical
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found to be slightly ammoniacal ; half a pint of decoction of triticum
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Laparotomy, verifying the diagnosis of pelvic cellulitis. Boston
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and Effects of the Variolse YaccinEB, a Disease Discovered in Some of the
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week before this there were several cases in quick succession.
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ter as a drink, either fresh, cool, tepid, with mucilage, oil or emulsion,
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but he believes he wUl be able to get Doctors from Europe, oil
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any cautious surgeon would be authorized in cutting
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Dr. H. A. II cd rick, 215 St. Paul st.. Baltimore. Md.
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neck, extending down the spine to the small of the back
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It seems, indeed, a mistake to endeavour to force all cases into one
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pensary ligament of the bladder, which connects that organ with the
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the anasarca, in which event it is likely to be small in amount, propor-
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New York Infant Asylum, which was occupied by twenty-three children,
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will exert a sedative effect, if given half an hour before meals:
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Later, in the upright position, the patient assumes a special attitude, and
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certain objects (folie de toucher), or the obsession of names (onomoto-
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only prophylactic remedy for insanity, — a wise and universally adopted
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discovery he assisted in a difficulty which was becoming awkward.
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the anterior end is pointed and the kinetonucleus is oval. Multipli-
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Drive, Suite 300, Little Rock, Arkansas 72215. Second class postage is paid at Little Rock,
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and the secretion is pale and very watery, the proportion
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tricle was ruptured in eight, the left in three, the left auricle in