J. Eyre for his interest and criticisms throughout these experiments.
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CiBcum, so that no material escapes from the bowel.
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course of a day or two by the evidences of acute nephritis. Trench diggers
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greater occurrence of the disease in men than in women, which the curious
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ethereal preparations are indicated for this object. The powers of the
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A. Tape-worms and Cyst-worms. {Cestoda or Taniada.)
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attack until the joints present a knobby and deformed appear-
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abstract appears in Willcock's " Laws relating to the Medical Profession.."
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and while he keeps the legs and arms straight, allowing free motions
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and, I may say, painless labours, but which are invariably followed
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flat pelves, in my former papers on craniotomy and cephalo-
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brain tumor, and paresis. In intracerebral hemorrhage the blood will be found
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ble epidemics — these are a few of the many matters glanced at in this rapid
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taken place ; they were easily reduced. Patient now utters a few simple
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next those of the peribronchial space, so that all around the alveoli
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large annular ulcerating stricture within reach of the finger.
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mittent fever with high temperatuie. Brit. M. J., Lend.,
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firmly by the ears. From two to five drams of aloes is
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cautious use of stimulants internally, his convulsions were soon quieted, and
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cept the old condition, namely, retroversion of the
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also remarks that there may be a want of perfect vmiformity in the point at
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No one, without knowledge of the prevalence of an epidemic, could
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changes in the outer form of the bones with a trans-
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such an extreme degree that the left capsule could not be recog-
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last communication. In three of these? the plates were removed, and the operation
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