duration. It may last for a few moments, or it may continue for hours
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Douglas and Hand [3] in fifty cases found the eosinophilia was less than
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bloodletting and purgati?e enemata. On the sixth day inflammation set
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1 Elimination of foods and medications containing potassium and of potassium-sparing diuretics.
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Digestive Tract and Allied Organs, the Liver, Pancreas and Peri-
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1. That certain acute diseases affecting the throat and air passages
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the regulating device being quite inefficient. And a word of warning
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Tetanus is another complication sometimes observed, and
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air out of the distended and now immobile bronchial tubes. I
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parts which contain the motor and sensory fibres in the hemisphere oppo-
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session will be held in Nashville, Tenn., on Tuesday,
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to ensure the spontaneous restoration of the fundus." It
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double hook of a peculiar curve mounted on a metal handle.
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very inferior interest and importance to the elaborate reports
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