a pulverization of an inorganic body, but are real utricles.

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Guinea Pigs Inoculated ivith Blond from 23 Cases of Seven Day Fever.

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usually an interval of a number of years suilficieut for the

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In all the cases of extensive depression which I have seen, the

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some extremely debilitating condition when attacked, such as

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Month., Pbila., 1886, viii, 248.— Berger '( P. ) Arret de

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was wanting, and is so recorded by three observers.

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of my life in fighting it with all my might. But what I did say was to

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a prominent specialist in throat and nasal affections may.

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furthermore, applicants under eighteen or over sixty-five are usually refused

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tion in every case. There are undoubtedly a number of cases in which a

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vomiting. Thus, in the first week, the highest count was 6,940,000,

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with some practice we can recogiii/e if larger pieces have peeled

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usually naming the umtsakatsi 'witch 1 and also relating how the disease

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cle bacilli. He (Dr. von Ruck) had never seen them,

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although there is probably here an associated cause, the digestive dis-

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which the abdomen had been opened for retroversion in all degrees, and

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ing opinions except after the most cautious investigation.

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ments ; and (3) granted the possibility of crushing, then aspiration, diffusing

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meningitis due to a special cause and associated generally with cerebral

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comprehend, to a certain extent, the hygiene of the foetus ; but

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A. Perfect quiet, with constriction of the part by means of

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examine existing methods of operating X-ray tubes, and the only two

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of that city. The cause of Dr. Townsend's removal has

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afflicted with elephantiasis, and that 52.5 per cent, of the