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in the habit of testing the cases of paralysis under my care, and I have
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afterwards, first the pain and then the contractions ceased — the
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swelling is sometimes limited to the submaxillary glands, and the parotids
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bladder and hepatic ducts, with general jaundice, biliary
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afterward to undergo Oertel's cure (graduated exercise in climbing
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the salivary glands and ducts of one of these animals has been
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gerous. The fluid in the chest is usually under somewhat increased
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The writer states that this result has been observed more often when the
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of ovarian pain caused by inflammatory lesion of the peri-uterine tissue or
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There are a large number of scattered observations throughout
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* The quantities given are the totals in grams for the respective periods.
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know the number of deaths, but also the population furnish-
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and residents admitted without registration fee, if
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ously made. This is kept uncovered and placed on or into a
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of virulent inflammation, but to deficient elasticity or dis-
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certain amount of manganese in solution. The saline chalybeates contain
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ingly decided to give him one drachm of Sanmetto every 4
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If you have a case of nasal polyps, one way to get rid of
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power. It may establish a habit of intemperance, chronic or recurring
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phthisis, 40 — bronchitis, 17 ; artificial -flower
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6. Did the phenomena mentioned under pars. 1 to 5 first occur to an
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aortic aneurysms. Surg Gynecol Obstet 154:197-199. 1982.
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quency with which the operation of displacing the auricle for-
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with nuclei and processes in the optic nerve are frequently confounded
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