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remove the crusts which form in chronic nasal catarrh, and when
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vey chapel, a handsome little annex over the Harvey family vault in the northeast
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This medication proved of great value in fifty-one cases of acute intestinal or
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after when I had no doubt about it. I sent the patient on to Dr. E worthy,
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Case of " Erythenie indur^ des jeunes filles,'' associated with FolUchs and
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shrub, are used in medicine, and, when mature, are of an
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cases of rhinolith only in an experience of twelve or fifteen years.
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suffrx^tion or strangulation does not usually occur under
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necessary and not excessive can only l)e asceitained l)y experience in the
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ing performed five weeks before the extraction. Every con-
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Levvinii failed to confirm Mitchell's observations. The tincture was
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wd marked, when the latter group of S3rmptoms coexists with those
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Certain it is, no matter how we may attempt to account for it, that
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genuine disease, as they occur alike in man and the dog, that I pro-
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stituted for the more generally adopted wheel. The corkscrew handle in
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Ultra- Violet not Transmitted through Quartz Contain-
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decided results, it is true ; but the taenia echinococcus has been found
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The epiphyseal cartilage is left intact and contiguous foci in the diapln sis, if any,
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size, it often demands an operation on an extensive scale. It
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Meuli-Hilty claims for his method is that it is prophylac-
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with retention of the cross striation, which persists to the end. This
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urine free from sugar, stained well with eosin. In glycosuria produced
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extensive publicity to the above named remedy than I have been able to give by pri-
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conditions ? I would like to get the opinion of the Council on that point. It would be a
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collect, wash, and dry the precipitate, l-7th of a gr. of which is
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The bubonic plague is now and has been in San Francisco for
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The theory of cure by laparotomy is still held sub judice.
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with in the order of their pathological importance.
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