organs of the chest, or in one or other of the abdominal organs.
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been perfected in Louisville and Lexington for the purpose
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the use of strychnin. Iron and codliver-oil were contraindi-
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3. Acute Universal Eczema, with Special Reference to its
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than that which we now know belongs to the ciliated infusoria.
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(1) Should atoxyl be used in the early stage only? or (2) should it
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the matter taken by Dr. Duhring. He himself did not believe
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amongst unvaccinated persons. But not either of the three vacci-
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absolutely necessary as indicated by the symptoms and signs, lest it
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Journal of the Minnesota State Medical Association, Southern Minnesota Medical Association, Northern Minnesota
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The first is the mere domestic and social life which
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the normal unmoulded form, we may also provisionally state that
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but in private practice, with healthy surroundings,
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strength of the patient increases, and which are de-
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lid. Brit. M. J., Lond., 189H, i, 12."i9.— Motais. Dn ptosis
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ing of the mucous membrane and to secretion. The stenosis affects
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Humans evolved fighting the elements and each other
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lar time when it happened, nor had she any idea how long her arm had been
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exclusion of other meats. In all probability the eating of squirrels is
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be done by letting the air escape from the lock very
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reign; 2, geographical distribution; 3, incidence of mortality
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