exploits in real estate, in mining or other stocks, excursions in
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perspiration aflbirding no relief; pale, wretched complexion ; foul smell
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I one million living. In the five years 1870-'74 it
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in the distinct form of the disease. The disappearance .of the
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paralysis). None of these factors, however, except for the age
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quently leaves the under-cooked part to be cooked by the stomach, which
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cause, by the sudden onset, or by a history of previous
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Dear Sir, — Now that I have returned again from the West, you will
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third forms is, that the second occurs habitually, while the third does
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patients as comfortable as may be under the circumstances.
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ance or diminution of the original absorption band in the purple and
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acter of the flora of nasopharynx and throat was not appreciably altered by this procedure.
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When spread out, it presented a remarkably beautiful appear-
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Medical Regiments are the logical successors to the old Sanitary
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Eden and Lockyer's System of Gynecology., I9i7j vol. iii., p. 807. ^ Case,
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and which is an offshoot of the fascia propria. This sac, which surrounds the entire
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having purchased this fabled manuscript, one student
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mostly conveyed to the children by unsterilized milk. Microscopical
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book which has been the guide of several generations of
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scrapings showed granular cells, shreds of tissue, and
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other conditions in which there is relaxation of the peripheral vessels.
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Calcutta, 1890,), 102.— Buried under a bay stack 23 day s,yet
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Experiment 2. — Twelve healthy mice of about the same age and weight were
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a violent convulsion followed, which lasted several minutes. The
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pain or friction-sounds peculiar to pleurisy. The laboratory examination of
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Diffcrentidl count. — The course of the different kinds of leu-
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follows that one who is sane should always be able to make out this connec-