patient should be put on liquid diet for a day or two,
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ing the probable time at which the deed was committed, but spe-
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Occasionally, however, a plan of treatment is suggested
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the level of the apex in the fifth intercostal space.
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have seen alarming depression follow such a bath, even when
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infiltrated and swollen. Nevertheless, this inflammation, with the aocom-
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1. Tibetan Bhutias, Bhutias from Bhotan (dandy-carriers, ricksha-men,
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be so hasty in getting at his work that he enters upon
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ventilated at night. If the child cannot be outdoors, he should be
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jected intracerebrally into the x-rayed and the control animal. The
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disinclination for affairs, some difficulty in fixing the attention. Coryza^
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St. Mungo's College, Glasgow. — Fees : winter session of lectures and six months'
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of sympathetic disease, and it is also well known that
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Subsequent Treatment. — As other attacks are liable to occur,
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but I recollect that there was a separation of the epiphyses.
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I returned to the dty this evening Trom a case to which I
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Loud., 1888, ii, 516. — Toulouse & Vasehide. Mesure
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with nausea and vomiting, and not unfi^quently with rigors and fointnesE.
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due to the relatively better development and greater length of
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The presence of gas in the abscess-cavity and the de-
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since the eruption may occur in other febrile conditions.
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oesophagus. On the fourth day the patient was sent to me with swelling
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the treatment of soldiers wi)o have suffered amputation, and who are
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4. In four litres of urine passed by this patient in the interval be-
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directly to thel.irger cities on the great lines of travel —