cowpox) was, in honest truth, as his own noble mind admitted,

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Clinical Features. — The chief symptom is weakness of

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process is seated in the interstices of these and of the pulmonary lobules ;

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venereal buboes, and by retaining the humors therein, distend them and

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the vermicular propulsions of the blood through it.

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cal terms and technicalities, a very laborious part of the work, are given

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was reached. In the other less-marked nervous cases the fever

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the Venous System during Ijife, lH/>{); ' Mackenzie, Patlu)l. and Treat-

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by difficulty in falling asleep, frequent nocturnal awakenings

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immediately from the attack. In those cases where the attack was fol-

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pressing to know if any affaire de occur or estrangement

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"A Rising Standard," in our November issue we credited the

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duration. It may last for a few moments, or it may continue for hours

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lessness at night, headache, which was relieved by vomiting. He returned to

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results in stiffness and limitation of movement of the temporo-

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CoUege, Cork ; J. M, J. Scott, Queen's CoUege, Belfast ; WilUam

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and tobacco, tea, and cofifee, also favor attacks in those

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the palmar fascia, and, as a septic focus, may rapidly oc-

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the right side of the abdomen radiating to the thigh. At the same

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in general has been profoundly studied. Contagia often appear as fluids; this

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ceases. Eructations of gas give great relief as the breathing becomes

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an element in a choleraic problem, three days niay be

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The root of Liquorice, Glycyrrhiza glabra (Nat. Ord.

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42. Zipf RE, Johnston WW: The role of cytology in the evaluation of pericardial