this agent in phthisiotherapy it would be absurd to advo-

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various operations that have been advocated, whether on arteries or on

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gin. At this point there is a sort of purse-like con-

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soluble in water, and is composed of 101 1 phate of lead formed. It is insoluble ; and

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craving for, and indulgence in, stimulants, which this practice

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carbonate of lead, was reported, in October 1844, to the Westminster MedicfU

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exposed. After ligation with silk at the point where it crosses the

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It is commoner in certain countries, especially Norway, Sweden,

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" What is there now remaining of what was formerly recog-

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water when it is offered to them. The cries of pain which usually pre-

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health, and, therefore, but ill prepared for the labour. The work

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But, on the other hand, there can be no doubt that in

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feet and hands, exposed to dust and dirt, are particularly liable to be

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which should be observed in every case of labor for the pro-

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investigated, and while it is not necessary to go into statistics, it has

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From the beginning ought to be used fomentations, bathings,

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wrong. Well, the main symptoms were these — breathlessnesB,

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no death among those who received the injections on the first

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"Depropanex," and "Prohexinol." Capable well-informed

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Several isolated cases of floating spleen have been reported, although,

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virulent germ; but there was always considerable local inflamma-

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But the family physician was very conservative, and said

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brain is less than during wakefulness, and that the active circulation of much

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birds containing mature organisms (proteosoma), he found

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find that the whole theory of gout is developed largely

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were reported during that tiine. Fever experts have

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skiagraph might have silenced the uneasy conscience.

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