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contraction of the vessels is chiefly of peripheral origin ; in other words,

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(leutsch. Gesellscli. f. Gyuak. 1889, Leipz.. 1K90, 4-6.—

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was successfully performed in that city several years before the

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executed with a boldness and freedom which remind us of the etchings of some

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The diseases of occupation refer only to those diseases which are

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have the same specific gravity, 1030. The sugar contained, then, in

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the patient vomits a large amount of bloody fluid, becomes pale, cold

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tube and take a small bandage about one inch wide, and com-

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rent was allowed to pass for a period varying from ten to twenty

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at its Second Annual Meeting, held at Atlanta, on the 9th of April, 1851.

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congestion, favors muscular tone, and therefore invariably restores

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including genius, are very frequently subject to all kinds of diseased

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creased. As just stated, this physical change is generally incidental to

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infra-dermoid serous tissues, they are not to be thought of)

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of proteid. Of cabbage one would need to tion and the numerous train of diseases

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an accumulation of matter ; nor is there any other remedy, than by making an in-

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paroxysmal attacks of dyspnoea, and more especially of extreme

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water for fifteen minutes or half an hour, until the heat of the body is

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Dr. J. Collins Warren has resigned the presidency of

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this. Yet, where the mother has just died or is to be immediately

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Except in this way, mercury has not been found a serviceable

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injected with carbolic acid by those who have heard of

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for some time previously, His urine, still highly loaded, looked

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ambulance, but inasmuch as it pertains to a particular division and

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an hour, while the second stage remains practically the

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observer, now shows a compound myopic astigmatism, which

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vessels, and therefore increasing intraocular tension. Other