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vention provides, that the different branches of the society shall " adopt

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Tasteless, Odorless, Wholly Assimilable preparation of

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(s) Edinburgh Medical Journal, vol. Ixxxii. Case-book. 1855.

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condition. The addition of several grams of fat to the diet in

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labors of his successors. So great has been the success of vaccination

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Again, to judge from the statistics relating to the

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In conclusion, I will say that my object in presenting this paper is

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posed, however, that the occurrence of the affection only in one member

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arterial system, and is called arterio-capillary fibrosis. In consequence of

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for syphilitic laryngeal ulceration ; and both patients

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says D, '• but i think this patient is too far gone." ' Friction, fric-

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While I have cited tuberculosis as a common affliction following in

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ports the view that " joint disease " occurring in young animals

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