tlie large pulmonary plexus under the only circumstances in which
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is of vital importance: thereby, the surgeon may be enabled
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period, iuternat. d. sc. med. C.-i-. 1884, Copenh., 1886, ii,
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disease ; and in order to assign the true cause of the inflammation, it will be
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be to promote the health of women who probably need it a little
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granules ; (6) compound corpuscles ; (c) simple cells ; (d) fibres.
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etc. At a later period, varying fiom six to eighteen
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alone, we must relinquish the skeptical position which we
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yet, look upon these bacteria as the cause of cholera.
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bercles having now become elevated, clear, shining, and soft,
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that it is now much larger than it was three months ago. In
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' Cultures consisted in hanging drop preparations kept at body heat for varying periods of
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surface of the visceral pericardium was rough and granular
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rapidly : and this also happens when the body, after removal irom water, tm
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are several causes for Iritis. It may be caused by syphilis, may
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ing more than a month or six weeks, even without treatment.
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In reviewing the various employments by which man obtains
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sponds more quickly and energetically to the cool bath
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the part with Olive Oil ; where clothes do not stick, apply cloths
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As usual this report is worthy of attention for its excellent work and as
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influence of hot water is not transient ; (5) it may be em-
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several times published, in a separate tract, under the title
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To the Editor: The American Society of Internal Med-
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attacked with severe labor pains, accompanied with profuse hemor-
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be grasped, or at least palpated to the greatest advantage. The
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below standard or adulterated. Ohio is very keen on
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Richard G. Norris, M.D. — When the pulse is feeble and