while spmmmia is a term signifying poor or thin blood generally. It is
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served during the Heidelberg epidemic, not one presented this sign,
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similar series of cuts at right angles, and in some cases a third series
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same object ; but it is only necessary for him to behold one
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tomy, the red cells cannot be haemolysed in large numbers,
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sac, which was situated on the left side of the basilar artery. The whole of
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ficulty, mucus expectorated rather than vomited, the odor of
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measure lost, while the multiplicity of references tends to leave only an
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minutes. They are fortunately not all of the same intensity, frequent
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Treatment. — We have no means of checking scarlatina when the contagion
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can. This treatment is deduced from the investigations of
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firm and hard to the feel, the unnatural size of the thighs and
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of diabetes, in the first 112 diabetics in Osier's clinic at the Johns Hopkins
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Diagnosis reinfectio syphilitica. On Dec. 26 patient
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pmiting of a greenish-coloured matter, and great pain in passing her urine,
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exuberant as to obscure the pyogenic organisms. Infection of the
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Ellts, George V., Esq., Examiner iu Anatomy, tice W. Sharpey,
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and other inflammations, ague, and intermittent htematuria. It is obviouB
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nurse and other attendants, that it had voided considerable
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stated that they have become less fertile than heretofore ; but
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France particularly the most authoritative works present, as the
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first few days after the accident, for as a rule this is always pre-
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having a diameter of about one fifth of an inch, was situated at