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Here again a marked rise results from the injection, although it
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nor more than twelve dollars per week. By special vote, sub-
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Dinner was served at 7 p. m., plates being laid for sixty.
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chemist Herr Schridde. The urine is acidulated by mu-
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Causes. — From the mare being fed on very dry food, and
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her the ordinary treatment for seborrhoeic dermatitis. A fortnight later
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eroded tonsil. These cases are the septic lacunar diphtherias with
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hand, the conditions under which the soldiers exist, and the diflficul-
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resembled scabies. He states, however, that it subsided in a cool climate
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be carefully watched from day to day it is difficult to remain very long in
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but M. H. Pognon's edition and French translation of
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sciences. I believe that we are already possessed of the means for
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In 1786 Anderson published a volume, entitled Institutes of
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injections at intervals of four days, increasing the dose 100 million
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such only, they may lend it ; and such loans should never be made without
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the effect of an overdose ; for actual experience in assay-
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most frequently after the fourth and before the twenty-
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two pathological modifications; a, congestion; b, inflammation.
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they were not prepared exactly to define, for instance, "auto-intoxication."
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In the primary stage of the acute diffused form, patches of
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surface heals and flattens down, leaving a pigmented area surrounded
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scantiness of the material studied. Regnault reports thirty-five cases,
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