norske Liegefor., Krisliania, 1895, xv, 487-493. — Henelcel
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Section of Normal Retina X 350.-Eye removed for Sarcoma, Retina de-
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tions after death. Edinb. M. Sz. S. .1., 1839, lii, 429-462.
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(3) The upper part of the rectum descends through the lower part, but
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possibility of a state-wide infant and child mortality
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Conklin, Dayton, Ohio, The Differential Diagnosis of Coma. Geo. J. Cook,
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entire lesion. This crust covers a deep ulcer and only falls off" when
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stances ; others, such as the chlorides of sodium and potassium, carbonates
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present and is due to auricular fibrillation (9. «.).
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