epileptiform convulsions. Leeches were applied to the head, and free

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without mention of alcohol, other chronic nonalcoholic

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organs, merely contiguous. The absurdity of his theory is

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with hot water — in fact, so hot as to cause pain to the

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for a week, when it had to be abandoned and quinine and bin-

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pulse. The former was 103°. It was at once decided that surgical intervention was

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best to begin with n\ iij. and gradually increase it to m\x., according to the

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Kttle less than 100° F. (37.7° C), or even much higher, changes in

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either of these wards. In a ward on the third story,

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into the bladder, two chromic gut sutures should unite

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avoided by the careful use of hypodermic injections of morphia. It is

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Then again, we find there are diseases which are necessarily fatal ini

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It was impossible to get from him any intelligible statement of hia previous

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tissue which attaches the ascending colon to the iliac fitscia. In fax

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But the great difficulty in the treatment of cholera lies in

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hours' duration, are suitable for colic and tenesmus. —

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eyes from gonorrheal infection ; not, however, as curative,

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imus. Within it were the great sciatic nerve, a little to

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(swelling, leukocytic exudation, etc.), a calcification that is often complete

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alities. In 1909 Seidelin described the presence of minute

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the city water supply. If the existence of more than one variety

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Ranney's cases was due to water and not to hot water?

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treatment of the following infections when caused by susceptible

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Switzerland, on September ist to 4th, 1884. Dr. Alb.

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are recognized and honoured as well on this j Committee on Publication. — Drs. F. G.