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Joseph's Hospital; Membre Societe Francaise d'Ophthal-

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months she suffered from severe pains in the right hypochondrium, and later also in the

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a microscoj^ic examination. Furthermore, tinctoral and optical meth-

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on one occasion found an unsuspected aneurysmal dilatation of the lower

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longer, apart. The pain must be relieved. Luudnum may be given by

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very many discussions ; nevertheless, owing to the influence of

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other words, a hemoglobinuria and not a hematuria, was shown by Corre, Grennet,

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Laennec should have laid out his work in such a mode as to make

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of blood from the cholera patient are deposited at the center of the surface of the

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the air in the vault of the pharynx is in a rarefied condition

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fuller, softer, and less frequent ; eruption more florid

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ing: " The ends of litigation is justice; k?ww ledge oj the truth is essential

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simply writing a prescription stating the percentage of

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cision of about a quarter of its transverse diameter. Then we

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treatment.*] Began after influenza ; bad asthma at night and on

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1860, those from every other writer referred entirely to the different forms of

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stand-points: i, region ; 2, age; 3, etiology ; 4, compli-

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June 1893. 58. SAMT. Archiv f. Psychiatrie, Bd. v. p. 209. 59. SCHAFER. Phil.

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all right. The better course for all concerned is to

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ularly in neurasthenia, neuralgia, headache, paralysis, rheu-

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evolution of carbonic acid gas in its cavity, according to the method first

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a long time. But after tubercles have once softened the chance of

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tic, but this is now known to be a mistaken idea. Either disease may

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has been known under diiferent names for ages. In modern times

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parts ; alum, two parts. Mix and dust freely and frequently on the feet. This

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7, Miiicing.lanc, London, E.C., December, 1870. MAX GREGER (from Hungary).

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faint pulse, with a temperature of 39.8° C. (103.6° F.), appeared wofthy