These results were rather surprising in that they seemed to
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The Social Side of the Eighth International Medical Congress.
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disease have been treated, but the disease itself is still
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Above aU, surgical operations on neurotics, and particularly on
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wholesale, of milk, shall be annually sealed by the Sealer of Weights and Mea-
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Tissot and Hallion, who claim that the individual is
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but also wide and loose-meaning phrases. For greater perspicuity,
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There is often fully as much heroism and puritj' of ideal in
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all cases by the abdominal route, and Sir William Smyly
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the bite. Suddenly spasms of the muscles of the neck,
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"Fifth. When continuous exposure is inevitable, there is no safety in attempt-
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to say of any disease that it originated spontaneously. Every disease must
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biguous cases, to make a diagnosis by searching out the typical ele-
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It is a most efficient anodyne, causing an entire cessation of pain in a few days,
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in which the onset of the symptoms (aphasia, coma) gives no warning, and
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Dr. H. Schuessler,§ of Bremen, alludes to a case of neuralgia of the
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3. The only rational treatment is removal ; if necessary, with precedent
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During my term at 1 was impressed with the fact that tra-
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hardly to be regarded as abnormal except by the scientifically educated
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91, no. 6, 13-36. AJ«o, Eepriut. — Oecaux (C.) Les para-
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poor; it attacks both sexes and all ages, but spares infants. Though
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in the horse, ox, ass, cat, mouse, pig, and bat, they are, on an average, nearly
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a wetting. As stated, the onset is no etiological crite-
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and the British Pharmacopceia is considered, as well as
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local causes accompanying it. P^xcellent as the re-
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the preceding day. He was in a short time seised with as severe an
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upon the case to keep it in mind, it altogether escaped me.